David Chappell, The Man!, coming to a city near you


I've been a fan of David Chappell for a long time, starting with his Understanding AcitveX and OLE book (back in my DCOM programming days), and then later with Understanding .NET. His ability to articulate the how's and why's of doing things in development have been impactful, and inspiring.  In recent years, he has written a variety of papers on our technologies (WCF, WPF, Workflow, .NET 3.5, BPM and BizTalk, etc).

Now, you can meet him too. He will be doing a limited 4 city tour, presenting on "Understanding Software + Services: A Perspective".  From Jeff's blog, Mr. Chappell will also talk about the tools and guidance Microsoft is providing in this area and how you can leverage that when developing S+S solutions, including "in the cloud" services.

David will be speaking from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM in the following cities on the following dates:

Southfield, Michigan
May 13th

Bloomington, Minnesota
May 15th

Downer's Grove, Illinois
May 20th

Houston, Texas
May 22nd

From this list, one can tell that David will not be speaking near my neck of the woods (Memphis). But if he was remotely close, I'd find a way to get there.  So, I encourage my friends in the regions of these cities to make the trip. He's smart and a good speaker.

Also, check out Jeff Brand's blog which reminded to post something about this.

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