My Next Few Weeks

They are going to be some busy ones - but I'm looking forward to them.

Metro Mobility Hands-On Lab in Memphis - May 13-15. A 3 day event where we cover the fundamentals of building applications on Windows Mobile. We have a couple of seats left. Contact me directly if you're interested, and please have a current or upcoming mobility initiative to discuss.

Memphis-In-May BBQ - May 15-16. I'll be down on the river May 16th at our Microsoft booth. There are other related events PLUS lots of BBQ consumption, so let me know if you're interested in these events. Limited availability.

ArcReady, Nashville - May 20, Cincinnati - May 21. Registration is required. This series is about architecting for scalable and usable web applications. Come watch Brian Prince in action.

Heroes Happen Here - May 21, Louisville. I'll be teaming with my other DPE teammates to deliver on the developer track. The dev track may be full, but the other tracks are good to. And you can't beat the SWAG.

Metro Mobility Hands-On Lab in St. Louis - May 27-29. Looking forward to partnering with Denny Boynton at Quilogy. Contact Denny or me if you're interested in this lab. Seating is very limited.

I'm also stoked because Denny and Brian Moore have invited me to a Microsoft event at Busch Stadium while I'm in St. Louis. We'll be watching the currently NL Central leader, St. Louis Cardinals. This will be a great week - seeing my favorite team, who is play well right now. Just look at Rick Ankiel's two highlights last night at Colorado. These are not typical plays, and rarely seen. I'm just hoping that they can keep it going cause there are some other good teams in the division - like those dang Cubs. Nevertheless, it's a better baseball season that last year.

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