Reasons for using WM6 and WM6.1

I was reading the Windows Mobile Newsletter, the newly renovated March edition. There's so much information, tips, guidance, and free downloads on the Windows Mobile sites that I usually don't visit until I really have to - looking at a new device, or tip on how to do something on my phone. Anyway, this newsletter is good for me because it comes to me in my Inbox - to update me on the latest tip's. This newsletter had a couple of nuggets for me.

First, I didn't realize how simple it is to save a number that just dialed me to my contacts - How To Add a Number from Call History (not sure how I missed this one). After reading the tip, I see that they have a long list of tips like this on the Windows Mobile site. There are also sections like Getting Started and Browse and Buy Device, etc.

My second nugget from the newsletter was a link to TechNet Radio. They have a great list of things that I need to learn about after looking at the archives. The newsletter link pointed me to a show with Derek Snyder on his Top 10 Features of Windows Mobile 6.


  1. Mobile message enhancements
    • Full HTML fidelity with Mobile Outlook - just like desktop big brother
    • Set out-of-office from phone
    • Flagging emails, just like on the desktop
  2. Office Mobile
  3. Enhanced Security
  4. Increased calendaring capability
  5. Internet Explorer
  6. Windows Update service on the device
    • to push critical security updates to device
    • turned-off by default. Enable under "Settings"
  7. Remote Desktop Mobile
    • Ability to emulate and interact with a remote application
    • Accessing expensive resources - like a CAD drawing being developed on a
    • Update coming from
  8. Windows Mobile Device Center
  9. Mobile documents
    • remote document access
    • tunnel through SharePoint 2007 to the document
  10. Internet Sharing


This is a good list. There are actually a bunch of new features in WM6, and I'm not sure that one could derive a Top 10 easily.  Loke has a big list too.

And now, we've released Windows Mobile 6.1 (this link includes a video and top feature summary). Here's the marketing list:

  • Instant messaging-like texting
  • Improved Internet browsing
  • Simpler e-mail and Bluetooth setup
  • New Home screen interface
  • New Getting Started Center
  • Security enhancements
  • Easier Wi-Fi connection
  • More personal choice

And then there's a Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade or Buy WM6.1 List

1. Track your text messages. When you text with a friend, the messages are threaded together, just like instant messaging—no more confusion about what you're talking about. Discuss a project budget and view the conversation as you type, so you can refer back to important points.

2. Set your style. Windows Mobile 6.1 runs on a growing variety of phones, including touch screen devices with slide-out keyboards, sleek full-keyboard smartphones, and compact flip phones.

3. Find it fast. The new Home screen design lets you put what’s important to you where it’s instantly available—on your phone’s Home screen. Place a clock conveniently on your Sliding Panel Home screen. Track appointments and messages at a glance. Get to your favorite songs, videos, and pictures with just a click.

4. Protect your data and your identity. Sync your smartphone with your laptop so if you lose your phone, you don’t lose your data. You can even encrypt personal information to help keep it from falling into the wrong hands.

5. Connect to Wi-Fi. Connecting to a Wi-Fi network is now simpler—no more scrolling through multiple pages. A single click to your screen and you’re connected.

The video on the WM6.1 page goes a different route (3m 24s)

  • New home screen (sliding panel)
    • Missed calls, voicemails, text messages
    • emails, upcoming appointments
    • Getting started - music, photos, etc.
  • Enhanced Bluetooth pairing
  • Text Message tracking - makes SMS look like IM.
  • Email sorting, flagging, moving
  • Enhanced IE - zooming, view whole page

And lastly, don't forget Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008. This addition makes Windows Mobile devices a real part of the enterprise. We had a good story before here, but now the corporate operations, infrastructure, and security folks will feel even better with remote device wipe, remote policy and device enforcement, and secure behind-the-firewall access for mobile users.

I can't wait to update my device to Widows Mobile 6.1.

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