Tafiti added to Windows Live Quick Apps

Tafiti is a very interesting search application. Yes, it uses our Live Search API, as well as ASP.NET AJAX and Silverlight - but it's cool looking and works well. As I've said before, there are several features that are very handy. And now, you can get the source code at CodePlex.

The Quick Apps list is growing nicely now. Consider this list:

  • Tafiti
    • An experimental search front-end helping visualize, store, and share research results
  • Contoso ISV
    • A professional services website using the Windows Live platform services for a customer acquisition / CRM scenario.
  • Adventure Works Resorts
    • Connects travel and hospitality firm with customers to enrich their trip experiences
  • Contoso Bicycle Club
    • Connects membership organizations with content, information and communities they care about.
  • Video.Show
    • demonstrates usage of Silverlight, Expression Encoder, Silverlight Streaming and ASP.NET AJAX to create a video portal for user-generated content
  • Contoso University
    • University sponsored site for students and staff to connect with the university events and social organizations
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