What is an RD?

I was reading a blog post from one of my favorite people at Microsoft, Eileen Rumwell. She happens to bring up a 2004 video about Regional Directors (RD's) and I was in that video - thanks to her. Back in those days, Eileen ran the program and it had a big impact on where I am today (thanks also go to Steve Loethen for continued nomination, as well as Jennifer Ritzinger and her leadership). Its membership contains some of the smartest communicators that I know.

On that day, I had worn a shirt (from Quilogy, my employer back then) and it caused issues with the Green Wall. So, Eileen, being the peach that she it, runs me over to the company store, helps me pick out an acceptable shirt, and rushes me back to Microsoft Studios. That's the kind of nice person that she is!

Today, the program continues the tradition with Kevin Schuler as its leader. Anyway, it's cool to see a professionally done video that includes my old friends - and me. Long live the RD's.


Video: Red Chair Green Wall

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