Mobile Search sounds good, but I don’t have a Data Plan

Have no fear, you can utilize Live Search for Mobile via SMS (Text Messaging). I'm not sure why this has not caught more attention, but I think it's a cool idea. I know a ton of people who have unlimited text message plans but don't have a data plan for their phones (i.e. can do mobile browsing). So, offering Live Search via SMS makes perfectly good sense.

Take a look at this overview. They show how to do a variety of searches. Text a query to 95483 and then get back an answer. Here's a short list of possibilities:

  • People:  John Smith Seattle, WA
  • Reverse Phone Number Lookup:  2024561111
  • Specific Businesses:  Starbucks Memphis
  • Types of Businesses:  pharmacy 90210
  • Encarta Answers  ? Population of Tennessee
  • Stock Quotes:  Q MSFT
  • Health Answers:  calories soda
  • Unit Conversions: cups in a liter

    Quick Tip List:

  • Help: "h" or "help"
  • Stock Quote: "q + symbol"
  • Definition: "d + word"
  • Question: "? + your question"
  • Area Code: "area code + city"
  • Reverse Area Code: "? + area code"
  • Country Code: "country code + country"
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