MIX08 is on the calendar – March 5-7

MIX07 was great! Now, MIX08 has a date, March 5-7, and back in Las Vegas at the Venetian.

I've been telling my contacts to check out the MIX07 content, since the keynotes and breakouts are available to everyone. And if you're trying to figure out what is all this buzz about Silverlight, Expression, and Live Streaming, see the Day 1 keynote.

There are also interviews with impressive Silverlight plans - like NetFlix, CBS, MLB, Disney, etc.  Also check out the Commerce Server team and what they are doing. Impressive stuff being done on Silverlight!

Since the MIX07 event, there has been more noise - Popfly, Aquantive purchase, and Microsoft Surface.  I know a lot of Microsoft folks are excited to have additional ways to tap into the digital advertising industry (some insane amount of potential revenue) with the Aquantive purchase - but do not overlook the value of acquiring Avenue A / Razorfish. I've seen some of their capabilities in my customers, and this acquisition makes a lot of sense in several ways (design capabilities in Microsoft, real designers in the field using and improving Microsoft tools, enhancing customer applications with COOOOOOL designs, etc).  In that regard, check out the MIX interview of Kamran Jameed and Steve Gray about their successful work with Silverlight for Netflix and Disney.

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