Weather.Com’s New Interactive Weather Map

In Memphis, we have plenty of storms in the spring - and we've had our share of tornados across the years. So, when we hear the wind blow unannounced or thunder rumble out in the distance (like right now), we start checking on what is coming at us.  One of the sites that I use the most is Weather.Com because I like to see radar. (Actually, I'm a scardy cat when it comes to storms - love to look at them, but don't like the thought of my house blowing down on me.)

And to the point of this entry - Weather.Com has added this new map, the Interactive Weather Map. It is really nice to look at and manipulate.  It's very much like using a map - zoom, panning, satellite view and a street view - but with weather features layered on top.  It even has a transparency feature.  And I just noticed that they did this with our Virtual Earth team.

And did anyone notice that new commercial use licensing for Virtual Earth was announced at Mix?

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