Who is Jon Box?

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Whenever I start a new blog or see someone else start one, I like the first post to be an introduction - you know, the "why would someone care about thoughts from this person" type of start. 

My career is pretty simple to explain. I started my first programming job on the PC doing COBOL, even before AT's arrived - like 1985. Then I got into installing networks and even pulling wire, before Netware was a big name. Then more COBOL positions doing accounting applications on DOS, XENIX, and UNIX. Then got into Clipper for several years in the food distribution area - still on DOS and Novell networks. This job provided me with mainframe experience as well as assembler. Then got into Windows development working for a videoconferencing company doing C++/ATL, COM/DCOM, and leading the development of control system applications built on Windows. Then went to the MS partner world where I had stints with Quilogy and then Protech Systems Group. Then on to Microsoft.

I've been at Microsoft for 4 years in DPE, which is Developer & Platform Evangelism. It's one of the best groups to work in. My role is titled Architect Evangelist, and the job is to assist architects in understanding what Microsoft is doing in the architecture space.  It's a great gig and I work with a fantastic team of hard working, team oriented, results driven folks.

Below is some background on my past several years.

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Personal Facts

  • 25+ years of software development and IT experience

  • 41 years old

  • Born and raised in Memphis, TN

  • Attended ECS and University of Memphis

  • Married for 25 years

  • Three sons - 23, 17, and 9

  • Fan of baseball

    • St. Louis Cardinals

    • Oldest son played college baseball at Dyersburg State, and recently graduated from the US Marine Corp

    • Middle son plays baseball at ECS

    • Coached competitive baseball and basketball more years than I can count

    • Recently started coaching my youngest son's recreation team


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