The MOM team start blogging

The program managers for Microsoft Operations Manager have started their own team blog, and they already have post categories that hint at what’s to come. I’ve been working closely with this team over the past few months, so it’s great to see them getting the blogging bug — go say hi! And to answer Rod’s…


NYT article about Eric Rudder… and other Microsoft bloggers

Tomorrow’s New York Times is running an article by Steve Lohr entitled “A Front-Runner at Microsoft, but There’s No Race Yet” (registration required). The article is mostly about Eric Rudder, Senior VP of the Server and Tools division and about five clicks up the org chart from me. Here’s the bit that made me smile:…


Video from MMS 2005

Larry Gregory has posted a great video from the Microsoft Management Summit — well worth watching, even if you were there in person! It’s the “Management” episode of his ISV Show series, so as well as walking around the conference floor and interviewing KirillT and BobKelly (in charge of engineering and selling our management products,…


New in this month’s management updates: Windows Update Services and System Center Reporting Manager

Earlier today I posted this month’s updates to the Management Updates blog. There’s news about MMS 2005 (of course), details of upcoming webcasts on various MOM and SMS topics, and also a couple of new categories: System Center Reporting Manager (upcoming product) and Windows Update Services (the next generation of Software Update Services). I think…


This month’s updates on SMS, MOM, and now Virtual Server

  I’ve posted this month’s roll-ups of all the news and announcements about SMS and MOM on the Management Updates blog. What’s new is that we now include information about Virtual Server. Big thanks to Jonathan Lau for putting the original newsletter together every month.


SMS Inventory Tool for Dell Updates: dull name, but actually a big deal

The SMS team just shipped their Inventory Tool for Dell Updates, a free download for SMS 2003 . This is another one of those descriptive-and-boring product names, but it actually hides something that’s pretty damn cool, and will ease the lives of many a systems administrator. Here’s how it works: let’s say that you’re already…


SMS and MOM bloggers from around the world

We’re really ramping up some worldwide blog coverage of Microsoft systems management products – as well as Eileen Brown from the UK, we’ve got Jeff Alexander blogging from Australia, and Shitanshu from India. And it sounds like Eileen’s “blogging bootcamp” (as taught at our internal sales event by Betsy, Mike, and Scoble) was a big…


Welcome James Morey to the SMS & MOM blogging scene!

Ok, first I said that you really only needed to subscribe to Eileen Brown and Rod Trent for all of your SMS and MOM needs. Then my bosses’ boss started blogging, and it would be foolhardy of me to tell you to ignore him! Now James Morey has arrived with “Jimbo’s MOM 2005 WebLog”. Just…


Blogging up the management hierarchy

My “grand-manager” Brad Anderson has started a blog on myITforum. Although it’s really half a blog, since he’s sharing it with Bill Anderson. And of course he hasn’t actually posted anything yet . But these are minor quibbles — if you want to hear from Mr SMS himself, watch that space! (via Rod Trent) What’s…


Why we need process, not just tools

In case you missed this story when it hit the headlines last month, one of the UK’s major government departments lost the use of most of its desktop PCs for nearly a week. Now we’re seeing more details on the causes of the outage: EDS has admitted that an error by one of its computer…