Why we’ve posted a beta refresh of System Center Capacity Planner

A week ago we updated the public beta of System Center Capacity Planner. This “beta refresh” of SCCP is now dependent on the release candidate of .NET Framework 2.0, instead of being dependent on their beta 2 release. Shipping this refresh took a lot of effort from the SCCP team, and causes extra confusion for…


A community-based marketing experiment – Microsoft gets on board the Cluetrain!

The Visual Studio 2005 evangelists have created a new community marketing experiment: High Five Wikisheets. Microsoft marketing has taken some flak in the past (ahem), but this wiki seems to be pure Cluetrain Manifesto material. Risky, radical, and all about the conversation. I love it 🙂 I first heard about the idea a couple of…


A good week for new .NET programming languages

IronPython is a .NET implementation of Python, written by Jim Hugunin. It’s now reached v0.7.6, and has been released on microsoft.com (via Mike Gunderloy). What’s really impressive is that IronPython is faster than Python 2.3. F# is a .NET implementation of an ML-family language, written by Don Syme. Don describes the goals of F# in…


Optimizing managed C# vs. native C++ code

Raymond Chen (aka “fixed more Windows bugs than you’ve had hot dinners”) and Rico Mariani (aka “Mr .NET Performance”) have been running a great series of articles where they write and then optimize the same application in two different languages: native C++ and managed C#. The easiest starting point for the two sets of articles…


For all you .NET language developers – Don Syme has started an F# blog

Back when I worked at Microsoft Research in England, Don Syme already had his hands deep in the guts of .NET – he co-authored the original paper on generics for C#, and fought long and hard to get them accepted into v2.0 of the language. That’s no mean feat when you’re in a lab eight…


FlexWiki released to the world!

If you’re looking for a great Wiki implementation for ASP.NET, with a good user base and a whole lot of neat features to build on, look no more. David Ornstein has jumped through all the legal hoops, dotted all the i’s, crossed all the t’s, and has finally been allowed to release his FlexWiki software…


Debugging SP2 on the Tablet PC – managed code, tabtip.exe, and procexp

If you’ve got a Tablet PC and you’re running SP2 (and you should be!) you might have noticed a couple of processes hanging around called TabTip.exe and TCServer.exe. And right after noticing them, you probably wondered why they seemed to be taking up so much memory. Luckily, autoruns is not the only cool tool from…


Welcome to Jim Hugunin!

Jim Hugunin of IronPython fame (and new Microsoft employee) now has a home on blogs.msdn.com. Check out his first post on Dynamic Languages and the Common Language Runtime. Welcome to the community, Jim!


Preview release of Wintellect’s PowerCollections for .NET

Good news in my inbox from the folks at Wintellect: This month, Wintellect announces the availability of a preview release of its new open source collection class library for .NET 2.0 called Power Collections .NET….Wintellect and Microsoft are co-sponsoring the development effort but ultimately the code will belong to the development community. We urge developers…


IronPython for .NET released – and it’s faster than Python-2.3

Some very cool news from Jim Hugunin about IronPython, his port of Python to .NET: He’s released it under the CPL It’s up to 1.7x faster than Python-2.3 on the pystone benchmark He’s joining the Microsoft CLR team to push for more support for dynamic languages! To quote the IronPython web page: “My plan was…