Video from MMS 2005

Larry Gregory has posted a great video from the Microsoft Management Summit — well worth watching, even if you were there in person! It’s the “Management” episode of his ISV Show series, so as well as walking around the conference floor and interviewing KirillT and BobKelly (in charge of engineering and selling our management products,…


The MMS 2005 conference bag

I’ve had a couple requests for a picture of the MMS 2005 conference bag that I enthused over:


Microsoft Management Summit 2005: Day 2

Yesterday was naming day! The Project Formerly Known As Indy is now: System Center Capacity Manager We already have a nice little placeholder page on, and you can see Sabrina McBride giving our demo starting about 43 minutes into Kirill’s keynote video: 56 kbps, 100 kbps, or 300 kbps. Thankfully no-one leaked the name,…


Microsoft Management Summit 2005: Day 1

Best. Conference bag. Ever. I think we hit a home run on this one. It’s your typical nerdy backpack, but with two important differences: It’s actually big enough to hold all your conference swag plus your laptop — very important for that first day before you can do some swag triage in your hotel room….


Microsoft Management Summit 2005: Day 0

If everything had gone according to plan I’d have arrived in Las Vegas by now, with a couple of hours to check into the hotel and then an evening of prep sessions and rehearsals. Of course, nothing ever quite goes according to plan, and a hydraulic leak in our plane’s nose-wheel means that a bunch…

Microsoft Management Summit 2005: Day -2

As you can tell from the title, I’m starting this series of blog posts a little earlier than planned – in fact, I’m not even in Las Vegas yet. But our PR machine is cranking into action, and so journalists are already reporting on what we’ll be showing next week: Microsoft to unveil a capacity…

Blogging at MMS 2005

Rod Trent asks if anyone will be blogging at MMS 2005 next week. I certainly will! In fact, I’ve been “volunteered” to provide status updates from the conference for the rest of my team back in Redmond, so I’m hoping that I can repurpose most of that content 🙂 Sounds like there’ll be a good…


Where to learn more about Indy if you’re NOT going to MMS 2005

A reader asks: What about those of us that cannot attend MMS? Is there anything available that describes what Indy does? Hmmm, let’s see. Right now we’ve got no official web presence, partly because we don’t have a name. Both situations should be remedied within the next month, and I think we’re promising a white…


Come check out our new capacity-planning product at MMS 2005

Ok, so we still don’t have a name, but we did just hit feature-complete for our product’s first milestone. And we’ll be flaunting our stuff (i.e. demo’ing all our cool features) at MMS 2005 in a month’s time. In fact, if you’re a systems integrator and you’ve signed up for the Crisscross Pre-Event day, you’ll…


Register now for Microsoft Management Summit 2005!

Ok, I know that I said I’d cut down on the SMS and MOM blogging, but really, these quick posts just write themselves. Registration is now open for MMS 2005, so if you’re at all interested in what Microsoft is doing to make it easier to manage computers, go sign up today at! As…