Other Resources for Problems with Offline Files

Of all my blog posts, the one that generates the most reliable stream of comments is “User comments about offline files”. All my other blog topics get mild interest, but what people really, REALLY want to know is how to get offline files working again when it stops. I just can’t argue with the numbers involved.

So I’m really happy that a couple of other blogs have taken up the slack and have been posting about offline files. Apologies to both for only just noticing 🙂

First, the Windows Core File Services team have a blog called File Cabinet, with a category for offline files (aka client-side caching). This stuff is straight from the horse’s mouth, so it’s a little worrying that they’re getting so few comments… I’m guessing most search engines just aren’t putting results from this blog on page 1 yet.

Second, the eponymous http://offlinefiles.blogspot.com/, who tackles a new topic with every post. If you’re looking for the answer to a “how to” question, chances are they have a post just for you.

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