Getting back into the saddle

I’m easing back into blogging after taking 6 months off – the good news is this means I’ve got a big backlog of topics…

I’d like to start off by thanking Neil Hobson for writing a great two-part overview of System Center Capacity Planner on He gives the reader a walkthrough of our various modules, and includes a ton of screenshots, including one of our ability to export nicely-formatted data into Excel. This feature is so little-known that I don’t think even we have a screenshot of it 🙂 So I’ll shamelessly crib it here:

SCCP data exported to Excel (picture from

You can see down at the bottom that we don’t just give you a simple summary view of the information – we have tabs marching all the way to the right, containing (we hope) more information than you’ll ever need as you drill down into capacity planning for Exchange. One of those cool features that just doesn’t get much play.

Thanks Neil!

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