Feedback about the System Center Capacity Planner beta

Thanks to everyone who's blogged about our beta! Special kudos to Eileen Brown, Graham Chastney, Ian Blyth, and Marcus Oh for various combinations of "totally getting it", "kicking the tires", and "bugging us to do more", but I also want to thank Anderson Patricio, Bernd Kruczek, Blake Handler, Duncan McAlynn, Guilherme Carnevale, Jeff Alexander, John Westworth, Josh Jacob, Michael Korp, the MS Exchange Blog, Rod Trent, Stefan Stranger, Stéphane Papp, Steve Carbone, and Tim Mintner. Phew. I'm challenging our marketing team to learn French, German, and Portugese to get all the translations right 🙂

Want to find out more? Download the bits – which will install .NET Framework Beta 2 if you don't already have it – then talk to us in the community forum. Or tune in for our first webcast, Introducing System Center Capacity Planner, on November 10th.

Oh, and we've had our first appearance on a spam blog for careers in the modeling industry. That would be the other modeling industry…

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