Being in two places at once at the MVP Summit

Just a quick note to say that, like many other product teams, we'll be at the MVP Summit here in Redmond this week. Specifically, we’ll be showing off the latest builds of System Center Capacity Manager to the Windows Server System MVPs at the RedWest cafeteria tomorrow night. This is all official with booths and speaker slots and presentation slides — the whole 9 yards. Oh, and we’ll have goodies to give out! Come find us 🙂

There was a slight panic when I spotted the subtle flaw in this plan — specifically, that we also wanted to show off to the Exchange MVPs, who’ll be in the building 25 cafeteria at that time. Ooops. So a big thankyou to Jeff Mealiffe from the Exchange team, who’s offered to show our stuff in his presentation on Friday afternoon. Unofficially. So if you see me there, don’t tell the organizers, ok? Shhhhh…

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