Developers rejoice – new API for Windows Desktop Search!

Windows Desktop SearchEver since the MSN team released their first beta toolbar with Windows Desktop Search, developers have been asking how they can add its search functionality to their own programs. Well, the wait is over – the MSN team have quietly added documentation for their Windows Desktop Search API. Oh, and an SDK. And examples of SQL queries. And a command-line interface.

How did I find this out? Because I’m subscribed to the RSS feed of the Channel 9 wiki, and I saw this little diff go by. Yup, that’s the search team doing an update to their own pages on the wiki before they make a formal announcement. Besides, they’re probably too busy telling people about the new international versions of their toolbar 🙂

I’m looking forward to seeing how people use this in their own applications. Go nuts! And once you’ve built something cool, why not put a note about it on the wiki? After all, that’s why it’s there.

Update: Dare wants C# wrappers so that he can hook it in to RSS Bandit. So does Channel 9!

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  1. Sean McLeod says:

    <P>Talking of the API support in MSN Desktop Search I knocked up an app to test out the query API that’s just been released.</P>

    <P>Basically an iTunes style music browser using the MSN Desktop Search index via the query API. Which allows you browse and select any of your music that has been indexed.</P>

    <P>See the following entry for details and follow the link to CodeProject for more details and source code if you’re interested.</P>

  2. Thanks Sean – I’m trying to get your URL to appear correctly in Community Server. Bear with me while I edit your comment…

  3. Damn this comment-editing interface SUCKS. Ok, here’s the raw link to Sean’s nifty iTunes search app:

  4. Jon, we updated the SDK today including .NET interop assemblies and some C# samples including a simple wrapper that returns results in a .NET DataSet object 🙂

  5. Sweet 🙂 Channel 9 has already been alerted – I’ll let Dare know as well

  6. Marco Scheel says:

    Scheint so als h&#228;tte Google sein Desktop Search nochmal erweitert. Die

    Screenhots sehen echt Klasse…

  7. Westin says:

    Too bad the link to the SDK yields a broken ZIP file:

  8. Westin – the link works for me when I follow it from the documentation page( I get a 54.3 KB download.


    Hello jonathan hows toby.hope you are well all the best mark,

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