Kids these days

BlogJet logoBlogJet is a truly excellent blog-posting tool written by Dmitry Chestnykh (I've raved about it before). Now I find out that he just graduated from college last week — from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology to be precise. Make you proud to be a geek 🙂

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  1. mihailik says:

    Jonathan, institute you noted is most famous all around the USSR and ex-USSR. It is a kind of russian MIT.

    There are tons of funny stories about how hard it is come in to ‘fizteh’. You should have extremely sharp non-formal knowledge of mathematics and physics to became student there.

    I read somewhere, that about 40% of russian bank top managers was its students.

    There are number of famous universities in Russia but ‘fizteh’ releases most engeneering engeneers since mid-communistic times.

  2. Thanks for the explanation – I figured that the "Moscow Institute" of *anything* was going to be pretty damn good 🙂

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