David Ornstein talks about FlexWiki – and wall-sized screens

Scoble has posted a fascinating Channel 9 video interview with David Ornstein. David describes what makes wikis work, how his own FlexWiki advances the state of the art, and speculates about what type of people like wikis.

His PC display setup is also worth checking out — instead of a regular second monitor, David uses a projector to create a monster second image on his office wall. He explains that he picked up the idea when he worked with Bill Hill, an expert on the science of reading who's also been interviewed on Channel 9. Bill believes that you can't concentrate on a "foreground" task effectively if you have "background" information on the same focal plane (I hope I described that correctly). In other words, not only should you move all your IM popups and your stock tickers onto a second display, but you should also make sure that second display is further away from your eyes.

The kicker is that projectors have now fallen in price to the point where using one as a second screen isn't as insane as it sounds. And they're clearly great for collaborative working — that has to be the biggest demo yet seen on a Channel 9 video!

Has anyone else experimented with using a projector as a secondary display? What have your experiences been?

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