ITIL, MOF, and a critical mass of blogs

Way back when, I wrote a couple of posts about ITIL and MOF (ITIL is an industry-standard set of best practices for running your IT department, and MOF describes how to apply those standards to Microsoft applications). Not much happened because, well, there weren't any other bloggers doing this stuff. Thankfully that's no longer the case:

  • Dr ITIL actually contacted me a few months ago, but his details have languished in my inbox until now (sorry!) Looks set to be the #1 blog about ITIL — no-one else is trying to publish five articles a day 🙂

  • Microsoft consultant Randy Young burst into action last month, and started by tracking down other ITIL/MOF blogs. Probably your best bet for MOF details right now.

  • A blog aptly entitled ITIL, subtitled "Where IT Actually Works: Implementing ITIL in the REAL World" (via Randy). This looks like a great source of hard-won experience about what works and what doesn't.

  • A couple of other Microsofties also touch on MOF and ITIL occasionally, including Tony Soper and Stanislas Quastana

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  1. Thanks to Jonathan Hardwick for the recognition in his recent post on ITIL, MOF, and a critical mass…

  2. I have been wondering – where are all the ITIL bloggers? Apparently here they are. Thanks Jonathan.I find interesting it seems mainly Microsoft-oriented folks that are using blogs to talk about ITIL. If MS is the center of gravity for…

  3. My blog (at covers IT Service Management topics like ITIL, IT Productization, and Service Catalogs for IT exec audiences. Judging from the email traffic I get as a result, it’s clear that these topics are of great interest to IT execs. We definitely need more sources of quality information on these topics.

  4. Dr. ITIL says:

    No – it’s not another one of those sites selling templates – this is a comprehensive, detailed and FREE site provided by the one of the UK Governament’s Major Departments.

    The site covers all 10 core ITIL Process disciplines and provides FREE implementation guides, toolkits, templates and how to guides.

    All within a fully hyper-texted, high quality environment.

    The only catch? It’s really for beginners to ITIL. It’s not a replacement for anything provided by the OGC. However, it does offer a FREE and easy way for people to get into ITIL.

    Several Consultant friends have also viewed the temaplates for comparison with their own – bit of a secondary use here for QA’ing your own material!

    Happy ITIL’ing.

    Dr. ITIL.

  5. Jolina says:

    For anyone else who is struggling to comply with ITIL, Magnum Technologies is hosting a Webinar about their new Advantage 2.0 software that aids in service level agreements. Might be something to check out!

  6. Also, Dr. ITIL has started a new site at http://

  7. See my blog for a cooler view of ITIL: get both sides of the story!

  8. ITSMER says:

    There are probably half a dozen ITIL related blogs worth reading. The rest are basically sales vehicles, with nothing to say apart from "buy ITIL services from us".

    Depressing, but true.

  9. Sharon says:

    ITIL and in particular, <a href=>itil service management</a> has really changed over time.  It’s funny how guidelines for best practices changes so quickly and what was once the best way to get things done become inefficient.  I personally like seeing things change and evolve, especially with technology as change means improvements to all areas of a specific technology.  

  10. Hi Jonathan,

    This is great information and exactly what I was looking for.  I wanted to know if there was any specific documentation around SharePoint and Project Server which discussed MOF and ITIL which I can refer to as a reference?

    Thanks once again.



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