XBox 360 vs. Sony PS3

Major Nelson of XBox Live has just posted four articles comparing the XBox 360 to the Sony PS3: part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4. If you're tired of reading comparisons written by fanboys who've never taken a computer architecture class in their life, check this one out. Me, I'm just remembering the good old days when it took serious iron to produce a teraflop...

Comments (3)

  1. chadbr says:

    funny how many "serious iron" companies are out of business…

  2. byron says:

    So, what your saying, is everyone who buys a xbox3 or ps3 will become an entrant on the top500 list ? We have 152 dell 1750’s with 2 3.2ghz processors, and only manage to get to 1.095 Teraflops. (see

    So when we replace our cluster, we can buy 10 xbox360’s or 10 ps3’s and be right back in the top500? YAY!

  3. It shouldn’t be *quite* that bad 🙂 It’s tough now to get anywhere close to the "guaranteed not to exceed" peak speed on your cluster, right? And people have at least *tried* to make that a balanced architecture. No such luck with the XBox 360 or PS3! That’s not to say that people won’t be hacking on these things as soon as they come out, and trying cunning tricks with their GPUs and cell processors, but it’s still a long way from even being able to run Linpack…

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