Video from MMS 2005

Larry Gregory has posted a great video from the Microsoft Management Summit — well worth watching, even if you were there in person! It's the "Management" episode of his ISV Show series, so as well as walking around the conference floor and interviewing KirillT and BobKelly (in charge of engineering and selling our management products, respectively), Larry also talks to the ISVs who make up our partner ecosystem.

Don't worry, though — not only does the streaming video include a full transcript, it also has a set of bookmarks, so that you can jump straight to whichever bit you're interested in. And if you think you're hip to SDM* and DSI** and MOF***, watch the four minute introduction where he asks attendees what those acronyms stand for. Ouch. Clearly we've still got a lot of work to do in spreading the word...

*SDM = System Definition Model
**DSI = Dynamic Systems Initiative
***MOF = Microsoft Operations Framework

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