MSN Desktop Search is out of beta – go get it!

The MSN Search team have just announced that their desktop search tool is out of beta. You can read more about it in this CNET article (via Scoble), or go straight to the download page like I did.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve become reliant on desktop search – it’s hard to imagine that we used to spend time opening folders, looking for things, closing that folder, opening another one, nope not there, let’s try somewhere else… . Through the past few months of dogfooding, the bits have just gotten better and better, and I know that the MSN Search folks have even more cool stuff to come. In fact, dogfooding actually caused problems when I was helping out on the wiki or the newsgroup, because I had to think back to what the old release bits looked like, many months ago! Now we can all catch up to this shiny new version.

So if you had problems with the previous betas, please give this release version a try. We had lots of Microsofties giving lots of feedback throughout the dogfood process, and the MSN Search team did a great job of fixing bugs and adding features.

Oh, and it’s now called “MSN Search Toolbar 2.0 with Windows Desktop Search”. Hmmm… you know I love you guys, but could you do something about the name? 🙂

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