Microsoft Management Summit 2005: Day 0

If everything had gone according to plan I'd have arrived in Las Vegas by now, with a couple of hours to check into the hotel and then an evening of prep sessions and rehearsals. Of course, nothing ever quite goes according to plan, and a hydraulic leak in our plane's nose-wheel means that a bunch of us are still stuck in Seattle. Thankfully there's a choice of wifi providers at the airport, and I've staked a claim on one of the few seats in the waiting area that's near a power outlet...

Here's the Indy team's public schedule during MMS — I'll update this post if there are any changes:

Event Date Time Location
Crisscross Indy talk Mon 9:00-10:15 Breakers F&L
Self-paced labs Mon 15:00-16:15 MB D
Indy break out SS03 Tue 10:15-11:30 LG I
Indy lab Tue 11:45-13:00 MB C
Self-paced labs Tue 14:15-15:30 MB D
Ask-The-Expert Tue 14:15:30 ASE E
Self-paced labs Wed 14:15-15:30 MB D
Self-paced labs Thu 14:15-15:30 MB D
Indy lab Thu 15:45-17:00 MB C

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