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MMS 2005 criss-cross pre-event dayI’d already posted a list of sessions for the “criss-cross” pre-event day at next month’s Microsoft Management Summit. Now I’ve found more details about what those sessions actually involve! Including the first-ever marketing blurb for our new product...

New Session added! – Indy Product Preview

One of the new management solutions coming from Microsoft later this year is a technology for modeling system performance, which is code named Indy. It employs state of the art modeling technology developed at Microsoft Research to bring unprecedented functionality and flexibility to the process of performance analysis and planning of system deployments. We will demonstrate how Indy can help you to accurately and quickly determine the amount of hardware, software licenses, and architecture required to deploy Exchange 2003. Indy has the ability to prescribe a deployment architecture based on the requirements and characteristics of an organization such as the number of offices, the number and type of users. It then simulates the user workload to determine the system capacity and the transaction latencies (i.e. user experience). With Indy you will be able to experiment with alternative deployments by changing the hardware, the software configuration, the architecture, and the expected user behavior.

Other Sessions Include:

Heterogeneous Management and Monitoring using SMS and MOM
Presented by Vintela

Extend your current systems management service offerings to include management and monitoring of non-Windows systems using SMS 2003 and MOM 2005. Discover how to natively monitor Unix and Linux systems using MOM 2005, and create Management Packs for Unix and Linux. Learn how to included non-Windows systems for hardware/software inventory and software distribution using SMS 2003.

Asset Management
Presented by PS’Soft

Understanding your IT assets and its total cost of ownership are the pre-requisites to execute an effective IT asset management strategy. Encompassing the technical, operational and financial dimensions of the IT infrastructure, PS’SOFT’s solutions manage IT assets and their changing configurations and relationships at every stage of the lifecycle. As a result, you can better align deployed assets with enterprise and business requirements, resulting in increased organizational productivity and higher return on asset investment.

Unrivaled SAP Performance Management with Horizon and MOM 2005
Presented by Tidal Software

Managing SAP to support the evolving real-time Enterprise is a challenge for all of us. A real-time system is one that executes its input, computation and output sequences fast enough to monitor and respond to real-world events at the rate they occur. If the system monitoring SAP does not respond in real-time, it can't be used for a real-world process such as managing SAP. Learn how customers are achieving proactive management of their SAP landscape through automated analysis and monitoring.

Regulatory Compliance
Presented by Manakoa

New US Regulatory Compliance legislation and rules such as Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, Gramm Leach Bliley and changing international compliance laws bring new reporting, managing and monitoring requirements to today’s enterprise business environment. These requirements include specific management of data security and other enterprise assets, requiring specific thresholds, alerts and subsequent actions to compliance events. Learn in this session how a specific business process, utilizing the logging capabilities of MOM, can assist your customers in dealing with their compliance issues.

You can find more details, and a nomation form, at the partner site.

PS Thanks Rod!

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