The Ides of March – a bad time for bloggers

This has been a bad time for a couple of bloggers that I read. First Jeremy Wright was refused entry into the US by a customs agent who couldn’t believe that blogging is a paying job (and didn’t believe any of that newfangled Skype stuff, either). This is already kinda silly, since I showed Jeremy around Microsoft just last month, but the truly horrendous stuff is in the posts that Jeremy pulled. Let’s just say that they involved the customs agent getting wayyy more intimate than you’d expect in any reasonable encounter between consenting adults.

Now we learn that John Porcaro (aka Mr XBox Marketing) managed to blow himself up with the old “gasoline on the bonfire” trick. The pictures on his post are pretty icky, but to be truly grossed-out you have to watch the PhotoStory of pictures from his recovery. You can imagine his kids going “oh, COOOOL” as each new scar is revealed.

Best of luck to both you guys on your road back from these misfortunes. And to all the other bloggers who I read, let’s be careful out there, okay?

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