Come check out our new capacity-planning product at MMS 2005

Ok, so we still don’t have a name, but we did just hit feature-complete for our product’s first milestone. And we’ll be flaunting our stuff (i.e. demo’ing all our cool features) at MMS 2005 in a month’s time.

In fact, if you’re a systems integrator and you’ve signed up for the Crisscross Pre-Event day, you’ll see even more of Indy. What is the Crisscross Pre-Event day? I’m glad that you asked, because I’ve got the marketing blurb right here – note the highlighted session!

This year, The Microsoft Management Summit (April 18-22, Las Vegas) is adding a one day briefing held April 18th to help System Integrators deliver value to their customers in the areas of compliance, line of business, asset management, and heterogeneity. These sessions will cover the integration efforts and value of adding 3rd party tools for MOM 2005 and SMS 2003 into your management deployments and compliment your service portfolios. The event is FREE but registration is required.

Those interested in attending should email and request a nomination form. You may nominate yourself and any of your company’s consultants.

Sessions offered:

  • Indy Product Preview - Presented by Microsoft
  • Heterogeneous Management and Monitoring using SMS and MOM – Presented by Vintela
  • Asset Management – Presented by PS’Soft
  • Unrivaled SAP Performance Management with Horizon and MOM 2005 – Presented by Tidal Software
  • Regulatory Compliance – Presented by Manakoa

For more MMS 2005 news, check out the official blog. And yes, the drive to feature-complete is the reason for the lack of updates here!

Comments (3)

  1. Yaytay says:

    What about those of us that cannot attend MMS?

    Is there anything available that describes what Indy does?

  2. thelma Jerden says:

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