"Remember, February is a short month"

Not enough blogging this month - I've been getting back into coding. And, as those of you who read Channel 9 might have spotted, breaking the build. In fact, the dev team didn't even get their bagels for another week after that post, which shows just how behind I am!

I did manage to find time to hit the Microsoft Museum with Jeremy Wright when he was in town. Not only do they have free internet access (vitally important if you're negotiating a book deal), but they also have a kick-ass two-player Halo 2 room set up. Recommended for all weary travellers.

And just to show that I haven't forgotten the MOM and SMS community, I've added Fabrice Meillon (Windows system management en francais) and Chris Rees (SMS programmer writer) to my list of SMS and MOM bloggers over on the left of the page.

At this point I think I'm supposed to say "normal service will be resumed as soon as possible", but of course "as soon as possible" just means "the day after ZBB" 🙂

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