Maxthon joins the RSS sidebar party

Right now Maxthon is my tabbed browser of choice – it’s slick, rock-solid, and uses the IE6 rendering engine for maximum compatibility. Most importantly, it’s being updated at a feverish pace that would put a pack of crazed weasels to shame.

This morning its auto-update feature offered me v1.2.00, which adds an RSS sidebar to the mix.  How could I say no? One minute of OPML importing later, I had the sidebar up and running. It’s got most of the features you’d expect: auto-discovery of RSS feeds on web pages, tooltip previews of blog posts, and nice integration with the web browsing experience. No CSS-based “newspaper” view of your feeds, though, and very light on the configuration options.

Definitely worth checking out if you’re just getting into weblogs, or you don’t want to run a separate app (if you’re a power user, I can heartily recommend FeedDemon)

Maxthon RSS sidebar

Comments (10)

  1. Manual import, I take it? 🙂

  2. You mean, why did it take me a whole minute to import? I was including the time taken to fire up FeedDemon, find the export function, choose a filename on disk, alt-tab back to Maxthon, find the import function, and select the filename 🙂

  3. Fred says:

    The only problem I see with this new RSS side tool is that he didn’t remember which item you have read(if you select another category and come back at the old one, the grayed items will be put back in yellow). Following this little problem there is no way to make all as read.

    Otherwise Maxthon is a rock solid browser and the generated layout to display your feeds is classic and really well done.

    Good day,



  4. Narkoleptik says:

    Wow, this is exciting. I love Maxthon and as a blog/rss addict this will endear me to it even more.

  5. Alex Lowe says:

    Maxthon has jumped on the RSS bandwagon and now supports RSS! Check out this screenshot from Jonathan…

  6. StuckOnIE says:

    I like the add on that I found the other day at for quick views of RSS feeds.

  7. SG says:

    How do I get Maxthon RSS sidebar to show up?

  8. View > Explorer Bar > RSS Feed

  9. jimmy says:

    This is a good feature, although it will take a herd of wild beasts to pull me away from using Bloglines.

    Seriously, if you want good RSS functionality in Maxthon, just setup a startup group that includes your Bloglines RSS page. Bloglines lets you do things like check other peoples RSS lists and get RSS recommendations based on your existing feeds. Social RSS readers will always win out over isolated RSS readers IMO.

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