SMS and MOM bloggers from around the world

We’re really ramping up some worldwide blog coverage of Microsoft systems management products – as well as Eileen Brown from the UK, we’ve got Jeff Alexander blogging from Australia, and Shitanshu from India. And it sounds like Eileen’s “blogging bootcamp” (as taught at our internal sales event by Betsy, Mike, and Scoble) was a big hit, so there should be even more bloggers showing up soon. I’ll keep the “Blogs: SMS & MOM” list on my home page updated.

I’m also a bit annoyed about missing the perfect opportunity for organizing a bloggers get-together at the sales event, since as a product-group architect I already had an invite to one of their evening events. Instead no-one knew who I was, because this was the night before they heard this year’s plans for systems management and Indy! Ah well, maybe next year – what do you think, guys? Blogger Party at Envision 2006?

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