New MSN Search wiki on Channel 9

Check out the new wiki pages that the MSN Search team have created on Channel 9! This is a one-stop community information resource for everything and anything to do with MSN Search – the web search engine, the desktop search tool, bug reports, feature requests, random questions, cool hacks, you name it. Anyone can browse, but you'll need to log in to Channel 9 to contribute. And please do contribute: the search team will be using it as a source of customer feedback to guide the development of future versions.

(Yes, this was another of my crazy shower ideas, mainly because I was getting tired of keeping track of cool desktop search hacks from different blogs! Big thanks to the Channel 9 team for giving the green light, and to Brady Forrest of the MSN Search team for taking my initial outline and turning it into a real site)

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  1. Ever since the MSN team released their first beta toolbar with Windows Desktop Search, developers have…

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