Where to get this week’s SMS and MOM news

As I said, I’m going to start leaving it to Rod Trent and Eileen Brown to handle the weekly news about MOM and SMS. So go visit Rod to learn about:

And Eileen to learn about:

After all that I really don’t have much to add, other than this warm’n’fuzzy case study of how MOM 2005 was deployed within Microsoft:

Detailed discussion of how Microsoft IT upgraded its MOM 2000 SP1 infrastructure to MOM 2005. Microsoft IT uses MOM 2005 out-of-the-box to manage 5,600 servers worldwide. They deployed MOM 2005 in half the time required to deploy MOM 2000 SP1. In the process, they’ve begun to consolidate servers and monitoring staff to reduce TCO. Savings to date include 40 percent reduction in monitoring support staff and over 30 percent reduction in servers.

I’m guessing this came from the MSCOM Operations Tools Team — check out their Collector Condundrum series (parts I, II, III, IV, and V) for more details.

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