How to beat the 25-post limit of

A couple days ago I complained that the RSS feed of is capped at 25 posts. William Luu left a comment that inspired me to find the following solution:

  1. Go to and set up an account.
  2. Add a subscription to
  3. Fire up FeedDemon and use its new integration with Bloglines to synchronize with your bloglines subscription.
  4. Voila, you can now read via bloglines servers, and without a 25–post limit 🙂

Thanks William!

Comments (2)

  1. William Luu says:


    Yes, that works well too. And if many were to use the bloglines feed as opposed to subscribing to the main feed, it’ll cut down the bandwidth used on

    This is because bloglines will only hit a server once (on an interval) for no matter how many blogs it is subscribed to.

    Basically, all the server will see (that’s if you have access to the server stats) is a single instance of the bloglines crawler with a User Agent much like the following:

    "Bloglines/2.0 (; x subscribers)"

    Where "x" is the number of people using bloglines to subscribe to that particular feed.

    Also, the Bloglines crawler is smart enough to respect the HTTP state "304 Not Modified" header. Which means it won’t try to retrieve a file that has not been updated. (During the whole discussion as to ways of reducing the amount of bandwidth used by RSS Readers, it was suggested using the 304 Header was a good way to make sure the reader wouldn’t retrieve the RSS feed if it has not been updated!).

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