More SMS and MOM resources

Eileen Brown has burst onto with a torrent of SMS and MOM content – check out her Systems Management Software category.

And if you’re not subscribed to MVP Rod Trent’s blog, you’ve missed out on these stories over the past month:

Finally, the msgoodies blog isn’t just about Microsoft management software – they also talk about all the other infrastructure goodies, like Active Directory and Windows Server (found via the Exchange blog).

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    Larry A. Duncan’s Microsoft Management Technologies blog:


  2. cygus says:

    my boss ask me this morning and would like to have feeback this after noon

    does SMS required the Active Directory or we can deploy the SMS without AD.

    we are currently on the NT 4.0 based network. no AD.

    please help, thanks,

  3. Hi Cygus – no, SMS does not require Active Directory. But you’re not going to be very happy with NT 4.0 either! I’d get that upgraded to Windows Server 2003 before worrying about SMS.

    In the meantime, can help you in the planning process. Check out what’s available under Product Information->Evaluation Software and Technical Resources->Planning

  4. Cygus says:

    Thanks, finally, i have gived up my Boss…, I fired him….


    Thanks for the reply

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