Where’s a syndicated feed of blogs.msdn.com without the 25-item limit?

The main RSS feed of blogs.msdn.com currently seems to be capped at 25 items. With over a thousand blogs, this means that anyone whose aggregator isn’t polling every couple of hours will miss items. My stop-gap “solution” is to leave a separate instance of FeedDemon running in the office 24/7, and RDP into it from home when I need a fix. Surely someone out there has set up a syndicated version of this feed without the 25–item limit, though?

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  1. William Luu says:

    Jonathan, a temp solution would be to import the OPML file of all blogs.msdn.com bloggers into somewhere such as bloglines and then read off that perhaps?

  2. Good idea – and it made me think of what could be an even better solution:

    1. Set up a bloglines account and subscribe to blogs.msdn.com

    2. Rely on the bloglines servers to buffer more (hopefully much more!) than the 25-item limit

    3. Use the newly-announced synchronization between FeedDemon and the bloglines web service so that I can pull the feed directly from my bloglines account.

    I’m off to try this out right now. Thanks 🙂

  3. A couple days ago I complained that the RSS feed of blogs.msdn.com is capped at 25 posts. William Luu…

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