Sysinternals blog – required reading for every Windows administrator

Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell, the guys behind Sysinternals, now have an RSS feed. If you don't know what Sysinternals is, stop reading right now and go to They make administration tools that are so good we reference them in Microsoft knowledgebase articles - just ask Sam Gentile or Craig Andera, or see my earlier posts on autoruns and procexp. And the nice thing about the RSS feed is that it includes news about point releases of their tools, which can otherwise slip by unnoticed. Highly recommended.

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  1. Manip says:

    Did I miss something, because last time I checked an RSS feed was NOT the same as a blog..

  2. Their home page is effectively their blog – the problem is that unless you remember to visit it once a week or so, you can miss point releases of their tools. Hence the RSS feed.

  3. Manip says:

    I don’t ‘get’ RSS.. I mean you have a reader .. but then why is loading that news reader any different from opening a web-browser and visiting the site?

  4. The information content is the same, but the process is a lot more efficient. I open my RSS aggregator and it goes off, fetches 100+ RSS feeds, and formats them nicely for me to read. Some of them are from web sites that I would otherwise visit every day, some are sites that I’d only visit once a week, and some (like sysinternals) are sites that I’d only visit once in a blue moon. The other advantage is that my RSS aggregator knows what items I’ve already read, so there’s no RSS equivalent of going to a site and working out whether it’s added anything new since you last visited 🙂

  5. Andy Kirke says:

    I have used some of the tools from your site before, but today needed to quickly remove some running programs/processes. I am really impressed by Autoruns v8.43 and the jump feature which takes you to the correct reg key. Well done, and have a good xmas.

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