Jumpstarting the SMS and MOM communities

I'm now officially on the hook to start the community around our upcoming product (that's what happens when you blog too much!), so I'm going to be paying very careful attention to the new SMS and MOM community sites. These are a one-stop shop for knowledgebase articles, downloads, pointers to related communities, MVP profiles, and of course blog entries.

There's also a brand-new newsgroup specifically to discuss managing software updates with SMS, although the group doesn't seem to have filtered through to the Microsoft newsgroup portal yet: microsoft.public.sms.software_updates

And to match the intent of this newsgroup, the SMS team have released a couple of important documents for SMS 2003:

Comments (2)

  1. John Hann says:

    So what exactly does that mean, "…on the hook to start the community.."?

    I camp around the MOM newsgroups and MyITForum

  2. Answered here: http://blogs.msdn.com/jonathanh/archive/2004/09/29/236003.aspx

    Newsgroups and MyITForum will definitely be part of the mix

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