The reason why Microsofties all blog about the same thing at the same time

This morning there's been a bunch of Microsofties blogging about the rumor of Bill Gate starting his own blog - first up was Dan Fernandez at 8:11am, followed quickly by Mike Hall at 8:30am, and Korby Parnell at 8:59am. Why the synchronicity? Do we all have the main feed streamed straight into our implan… our inboxes?

Sadly, no. But a lot of us do subscribe to an internal “Blog Discussion” mailing list - and when an interesting story hits that, you can bet that pretty soon we'll be blogging about it. I think Dan wins this time, since he got the story before it appeared on the mailing list at 8:16am.

Of course, we also use the list to riff a little about the stories:

DL Byron: “Man, blogging is about to Jump the Shark
Me: “If so, that means billg is the Fonz”
DL Byron: “FonzBlog?”

Comments (3)

  1. Jumping the shark… throwing the shoe… it’s all the same 😉

  2. and blog ettiquette compelled me to point my readers to Dan’s post with their comments…

    My internal comment, in response the question, "Will he have a “blogroll” / opml list – and whose blog will make it on there? " I commented, "Damn, I don’t think any of us are on enough boards to qualify for that distinction ;-)."

    If Bill does blog and if he does have a blogroll, I would urge him to include a)his friends (not minions) b)customers! and c)industry commentators like Dan Gillmour or Dave Winer who have the balls and inclination to mix it up with Microsoft’s Chief Software Architect but in a respectful and non-damaging way.

    For anyone considering corporate weblogs, as we have effectively implemented on, an internal distribution list is absolutely vital.

  3. LOL, I read it off the Seattle Times site…information travels fast 🙂

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