The joys of wireless, or, why I like cloudy days in Seattle

Like many other Microsoft product-group bloggers, I had today marked down as “absolute drop-dead deadline to finish my annual performance review”. Of course, this really means “start worrying about it last night, and then channel that nervous energy into furious writing today”. Thankfully, when I got in to the office my manager told me not to worry, since the tool he uses to submit it doesn't even go active for another five days (hey Eric, what's up with that?).

So, instead of finishing my review (or the spec for the mmmpphhh mmphh, which our lead PM has started dropping heavy hints about needing RIGHT NOW), I've been able to concentrate on cleaning out my inbox. Even better, I can grab a cappuccino and my laptop and do so outside. Dragonflies, birds, and a wireless connection make a nice break from the hum of air conditioning.

The only downside is that I'm wearing a white t-shirt, which reflects just enough glare onto the (non-daylight-viewing-optimized) screen of my Toshiba tablet pc that I have to squint to read it. Until a cloud passes overhead, of course. And that's why I like cloudy days in Seattle.

Alternatively, I've got to invest in some darker t-shirts.

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