More Channel9 goodness – a wiki for Visual Studio 2005 users

Thanks to Brad Abrams I just found out about the new Visual Studio 2005 Community Tech Preview wiki that Philip Rieck has set up. The idea is that Visual Studio 2005 users can easily share hints and contribute to a communal "change log" of differences between versions - a perfect use for a wiki, and one that the Visual Studio team are watching (and contributing to).

Of course, no wiki is an island, and there was already a sizable amount of VS2005 content on the Channel9 wiki - especially after I asked for feedback on Microsoft products 🙂

So what was the right thing to do next? Correct, link the two wikis together! Thankfully FlexWiki already has a mechanism in place for doing just that, and after I figured out the magic "ExternalWikis" page and undid a few goofs, I think I've now got both wikis linked smoothly together, so that you an easily refer in one to pages on the other. Big kudos to David Ornstein for making this all "just work" in FlexWiki, and more details in the Channel9 forums here.

Now, it's up to you guys to use this stuff. Don't just sit there and wonder what's happening in Visual Studio 2005 - get onto a wiki, ask a question, maybe answer someone else, give some feedback to the team, and improve the experience for everyone!

Dammit, I think Scoble's evangelism is contagious...

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