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So, we had a slightly crazy idea at Channel9 - why not encourage our users to add/edit/refactor their own wiki pages of feedback about Microsoft products? I kicked things off by creating pages for Internet Explorer and Visual Studio, and the wiki has since grown to include feedback about the .NET Framework and Visual SourceSafe. 

Want to join in the fun? Got a gripe or suggestion about a Microsoft product? Read the introduction at, create an account, and start Wiki-ing.

Comments (6)

  1. Mark Kliethermes says:

    mom an dad have 50th aniversary this weekend

    i am trying to c reate a document for a tee shirt in corel draw

    i have been documenting memories for over 3 hours

    i get the dam.. an error has occured an we will shut this program down

    this truely sucks and noone gives a damn about me and my memories

    this sucks..

  2. That does suck 🙁 Does Corel Draw have an autosave feature? Maybe it saved an earlier version and you haven’t lost 3 hours of work

  3. Thanks to Brad Abrams I just found out about the new Visual Studio 2005 Community Tech Preview wiki that…

  4. When Channel 9 started last spring I had the slightly crazy idea of getting direct feedback about Microsoft

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