Calling all administrators

If you actually get to kick real hardware in your job, then head on over to KC Lemson's blog and add your name to the comments - we're wondering why there are so many developer blogs around, but so few administrator blogs. Where are tomorrow's BOFHs? 🙂

Not much MMS 2004 news today (everyone's too busy flying down there?), although CRN is predicting “MOM, SMS And ADS Updates For Forthcoming Virtual Server 2004”.

Oh, and if you try to go to but get redirected to a non-existent, then your web browser is refusing cookies. I know, I know, it's tacky and ugly and icky, but we contracted out the conference site. Here's one trick I found - the second-level web content is apparently not worthy of cookies, so start at and work your way in from there...

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