You’re Never Alone With A Scoble

Thanks to Scoble's nice mention*, I'm not feeling so alone any more. That, plus the PR machinery is starting to kick into gear for the Microsoft Management Summit next week - and right on cue, Mary Jo Foley is running some analysis. If you're only going to read one blog to keep in touch with what's happening at MMS 2004, it really should be hers. Don't worry, I'll still be here when you get back. In the meantime, a couple of updates from the land of SMS, MOM, and Indy:

*Sadly the evidence is now gone, but I witnessed the awesome power of Scoble's Googlejuice on Monday, after I used a trackback from his comment site. Twelve hours later the fourth hit on a Google search for my name was the author page that his comments engine had automatically generated for me. Truly scary.

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