CRM 4.0 Plugin Example a simple "Logger"

In CRM 3.0 callouts was the business extension and in 4.0 its name changed to Plugins. Still it’s the entry point for doing business extensions extending the product or customizing it for your needs. The product group has done a great work on re-engineered the event architecture. Please look at UK CRM blog where Simon…


Improved Mail Merge with Word

More nice end-user features…Mail merge grabbs data from CRM to already predefined organization/user owned/personal templates inside Word. Create your new mail merge template based on your role and access. Fill in the details and create the template from the edit button. Word opens and you have a connection to CRM metadata.Save your file locally an…


10 nice new features in CTP 3 (CRM 4.0)

This is my current list from a business perspective (not the 110001 bits -maybe next blog post?) and it works out-of-the-box. Auto-resolution start writing and press (ALT CTRL – K) for suggestions in your lookup box (Try it on customer field in opportunity form) Converting an Activity (email) to a lead, case ect Duplicate checks…


Screencasts from Philip

Richardson has added 3 great videos showing new features in CTP3. Please enjoy Export customizations Duplicate Detection Add multiple users Import Data Wizard Currently I’m enjoying the new ajax style lookup searches. Just type in your name of linked entity and hit enter and voila the record is now linked with…

Titan (CRM 4.0) preview

2 days after the NDA restrictions here is my story.. Multi Multi Multi -Language: Additional language packs will be available. You select in your profile your interface language, even help language could be chosen.-Currency: More than one currency. You select in your profile your default currency. Quite basic and could be extended with history of…


TechReady report

Så nu är man hemma efter en hård vecka i Seattle. Höjdpunkter var att jag träffade R&D kungen Dominic och keynotes. Träffade av en del PM’s som Arash, Phillip, Michael, Barry, David (PTS) samt Simon från UK blog. Kul också att se vad som gjorts och kommer ske på MSCRM plattformen. Det ser riktigt ljust…

Titan info + Optimizing the Performance

Optimizing Performance nu även för MSCRM 3.0 Samt lite publik info om nästa version av MSCRM som går under kodnamnet Titan

Vista till RTM

Gadgets, Gadgets och Gadgets till CRM! Har inget bra exempel just nu men så fort det lugnat ner sig lite i mina projekt kommer jag släppa något exempel här.. Läs mer om releasen av Vista på samt tidigare i veckan gick Office till RTM Till Vista Gadgets Siten