Buy vs Build

Buy versus build judge yourself! I would think xRM as a way of accelerate application development.   Costs Benefits Buy (xRM) Locked to vendor Locked to vender schedules Customizations to fill GAPs (if any) Licenses     Configuration more than development Faster go to market Use vender enhancements “Standard” Shop GAP’s as modules or vertical…


Mission-critical workload of 50,000 concurrent users

Feels great! Checkout press release on All business transactions were based on extensive customer research and defined using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Performance and Stress Testing Toolkit.  


Building a new demo disc on Windows 2008 Server

Today was a good day to rebuild my CRM 4.0 demo discs. I started up with downloading latest version of OS (windows 2008 server), to be honest is my first time installing w2008. The installation was super smooth and we have added very nice features to simplify server configuration.  I simple checked my role and…


Creating a no-code workflow for CRM 4.0 with Visual Studio 2005 (2008)

New in CRM 4.0 is the possibility to build custom workflows using Windows Workflow Foundation (WF). WF is the programming model, engine and tools for quickly building workflow enabled applications on CRM 4.0. In previous version of CRM the engine was limited and not as robust. WF is a standard component used in many other products…


Outlook Address book integration (SAMPLE)

This is a very simple sample how you could reuse MsSvAbw.AddrBookWrapper to populate a text field with chosen outlook user(s) from the address book. The idée is to reuse a dll found in Windows Sharepoint Server (2003) called MSOVABW.dll and script code. This could be extended to be used in many different business scenarios.. <html>…


Tricks and tips for documentation

Document your project is a definitive must to-do but not always the first thing a developer thinks of. It’s something everyone knows is required but in the end something that might be done on the last project hours of the project budget, right? Well there are some things you could do to speed up documentation…


Another CRM -> Sharepoint integration

Here is my first blogpost in English since I received requests from non speaking Swedes. The MSCRM team, Kjell-Sverre Jerijærvi (Integrating team-sites into MSCRM (part II)) and allot of others has published different ways of integrating MSCRM with Sharepoint. Guess what! Here is another solution actually made back in 05’ as a Proof of concept…