Buy vs Build

Buy versus build judge yourself! I would think xRM as a way of accelerate application development.   Costs Benefits Buy (xRM) Locked to vendor Locked to vender schedules Customizations to fill GAPs (if any) Licenses     Configuration more than development Faster go to market Use vender enhancements “Standard” Shop GAP’s as modules or vertical…


Mission-critical workload of 50,000 concurrent users

Feels great! Checkout press release on All business transactions were based on extensive customer research and defined using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Performance and Stress Testing Toolkit.  


CRM developer toolkit v1

A new toolkit to make customizations to CRM 4.0 has been released. Download bits from View All CRM Entities – Displays a listing of CRM entities that are dynamically available from the CRM Explorer within Visual Studio 2008 Create and Update CRM Entities – Allows for creating new entities and updating existing entities from…


TR8 in Seattle

If you are attending the Microsoft technical readiness (TechReady) conference this week in Seattle please drop by on my session.  I’ll be speaking about field experience in making CRM and Performance Point Work for Management. MSDY313 – Field Experience in Making CRM and Performance Point Work for Management Session Day/Time: 2/5/2009 12:45-14:00Room: (Sheraton) Metropolitan A

Tips for faster and better performance on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

There are many different factors that affect performance when implementing a CRM system; the hardware, network, infrastructure, business processes, system configuration, ect. Finding those bottlenecks and identifying their actual causes can take a lot of time and might not be an easy task. In this post, I’ll show what to look for based on my…


Hosted CRM movie

A couple of weeks ago I was invited for a recording about hosted CRM. The movie is part of an education package giving partners an overview of some of Microsoft’s products and solutions. Peter Alvmo, Daniel Akenine and MVP Mikael Nyström were recording movies as well. Topic’s are all from benefits by using Vista to Cload…

CRM, Performance Point and MOSS (CRM+PPS+MOSS)

Extending CRM with BI capacity has been on the radar for a while and with the new BI accelerators this will be an easy customization. The same applies to CRM and MOSS integrations. Since I have spent some time in this very interesting area I tough why not share some parts (screen captures). My goals…


Building a new demo disc on Windows 2008 Server

Today was a good day to rebuild my CRM 4.0 demo discs. I started up with downloading latest version of OS (windows 2008 server), to be honest is my first time installing w2008. The installation was super smooth and we have added very nice features to simplify server configuration.  I simple checked my role and…

Demo online

Great place to find cool and usefull solutions  


Reading the right CRM blogs?

Ben has created a list of useful resource for the CRM community. if you are not listed and active blogger please ping Ben