The dynamic Cache Tool for CRM 1.2 – 4.0 versions

Or any other web application… simply change the paths in the configuration file. When doing demo’s in a virtual environment as VPC it’s pretty nice to have some sort of tool to pre-hit your application. I have made a simple console app that will do this for you. Run the application before doing a demo/presentation to activate just-in-time…


Tricks and tips for documentation

Document your project is a definitive must to-do but not always the first thing a developer thinks of. It’s something everyone knows is required but in the end something that might be done on the last project hours of the project budget, right? Well there are some things you could do to speed up documentation…


Now CRM dev center on MSDN

I have updated “Microsoft CRM Links” and recommend all to bookmark them. I really like the Roadmap to Microsoft Technologies for Microsoft Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Debug your workflows on .NET 1.1 and 2.0 machines (CRMWorkflowService.exe.config)

This only applies if you have the 1.1 and 2.0 framework installed and your workflow “addin” is built in .NET 1.1. Create a new file called CRMWorkflowService.exe.config and copy xml below. Copy file to the same directory as that workflow exe <configuration>    <startup>       <requiredRuntime imageVersion="v1.1.4322" version="v1.1.4322" />       <supportedRuntime version="v1.1.4322" />    </startup>…

Simplify sharing of opportunities (Or any entities) with direct e-mailing links

One thing I found useful when working with MSCRM is the possibility to directly access records by hitting its direct URL. Out-of-the-box this can be manually done by opening a record and hit CTRL-N or CTRL –D. Later copy the URL and past it to your e-mail. Whoa I love CTRL-C. Well by adding below…


Render hidden values in "tester" mode by using querystring parameters

One way of doing verification on your logic in “build” mode is to use querystring parameters to render you MSCRM gui/logic different. Verification during testing Version verification of js-script running in current release Link new buttons with extra querystring parameters attached in ISV/Sitemap config Etc Notice how the title is changed to current version of…

Create Advanced Fetch in 10 Seconds using javascript

One simple way of creating fetch fast is to use advanced find and render that fetch in javascript. Open advanced find and reopen window by pressing CTRL-N Create your query…dont forget to build your query in full-window not framed as in screen shoot Replace your URL with one of below javascript calls        javascript:alert(resultRender.FetchXml.value); javascript:document.writeln(resultRender.FetchXml.value);…

Another CRM -> Sharepoint integration

Here is my first blogpost in English since I received requests from non speaking Swedes. The MSCRM team, Kjell-Sverre Jerijærvi (Integrating team-sites into MSCRM (part II)) and allot of others has published different ways of integrating MSCRM with Sharepoint. Guess what! Here is another solution actually made back in 05’ as a Proof of concept…


God fortsättning alla glada!

v3c nu även på svenska. Laddas ner genom denna länk javascript:alert(“Håller på att snickar ihop en liten javascript artikeln med kodexempel som förhoppningsvis kommer i januari…”);

V3C är nu släppt!

Kan laddas ner via länken FamilyId=740E1B3B-11C3-4AEF-B2E3-8309E0CF1BB0&displaylang=en. Uppdateringen innehåller bla: Integration med Office 2007 “Ribbon” SQL Express Custom MAPI store (ingen pst file) Tidigare Rollup update inkluderad Vista support IE 7 GPO deployments