CRM developer toolkit v1

A new toolkit to make customizations to CRM 4.0 has been released. Download bits from View All CRM Entities – Displays a listing of CRM entities that are dynamically available from the CRM Explorer within Visual Studio 2008 Create and Update CRM Entities – Allows for creating new entities and updating existing entities from…


Enterprise Library 4.0 – May 2008

Collection of libraries for faster .NET development. Some parts you already have by using the CRM plattform but if your project requires extensions it might be worth looking at before doing investments on building stuff yourself. Works on visual studio 2008


Lambda expressions and anonymous methods on Metadata service in CRM 4.0

In C# 3.0 Microsoft has added lambda expression. This is not a new feature in computer languages originally designed on a conceptualized level way back in time by an American called Alonzo Church. Lamda expressions provide shorthand syntax for algorithms. I have played around with this and below is a simple example where I retrieve all…


Playing around with filters on queues using a plug-in (C#)

Quite common I get questions regarding modifications on queues. What can be changed in the main GUI and how do I only display queues in context of the actual logged in user. The main GUI is not possible to change since it’s none customized page but the content is possible to change by modifying the queue filters….


Cache Tool source code

Console.WriteLine(“Cache tool source code as attachment…”); Visual Studio 2005 project


The dynamic Cache Tool for CRM 1.2 – 4.0 versions

Or any other web application… simply change the paths in the configuration file. When doing demo’s in a virtual environment as VPC it’s pretty nice to have some sort of tool to pre-hit your application. I have made a simple console app that will do this for you. Run the application before doing a demo/presentation to activate just-in-time…


Creating a no-code workflow for CRM 4.0 with Visual Studio 2005 (2008)

New in CRM 4.0 is the possibility to build custom workflows using Windows Workflow Foundation (WF). WF is the programming model, engine and tools for quickly building workflow enabled applications on CRM 4.0. In previous version of CRM the engine was limited and not as robust. WF is a standard component used in many other products…


Access denied (401) when using CRM 4.0 plug-in registration tool?

I have made a slight modification on the CRM 4.0 Sdk plugin registration tool. I simple added a new property and once checked default credentionals are used when connection to discovery and crm webservice. It’s your own choice now to either user current user credentionals or someone elses. Simply replace attached files and recompile your…


The Wait for Visual Studio 2008 is Over!

Full and trail versions please go to Kit Downloading…


CRM 4.0 Plugin Example a simple "Logger"

In CRM 3.0 callouts was the business extension and in 4.0 its name changed to Plugins. Still it’s the entry point for doing business extensions extending the product or customizing it for your needs. The product group has done a great work on re-engineered the event architecture. Please look at UK CRM blog where Simon…