"Invalid Pointer" -after upgrade to WP7 Mango Toolkit

I started to upgrade my WP7 app Trafiken Sverige to latest version of windows phone “mango” and got caught in an ugly #bug Basicly what I done was upgraded my project type to 7.1 Get latest Toolkit (NuGet) Re-build (Work fine) Run App Bonk! Failure -hmm after lite investigation I found out it’s my name of controls…

Building WindowsPhone 7 app

Puhh long time ago I posted something here.. been busy on different projects and yes you know.. time and time. But I’m still alive and very active 🙂 have been playing around with WP7 this summer and the result could be found here http://www.windowsphone.com/en-gb/apps/be27b928-84b2-4be3-84f9-3ced2b1261e7