Go deep or broad as an architect

I recently had the chance to meet Anders Hejlsberg during the Service Technical Leadership program. He is an amazing man with a great work story and currently the lead architect for the C# language.
During the meeting with him and some more technical fellows he got a question.

How should I as an architect evolve?

Figure 1: My made-up topics over a timeframe


So the math is simple!

1.       Go Deep on one topic

2.       Go up and pick another topic

3.       Re-start from 1

If you do this interaction for a while, guess what? -Now you are deep and broad J

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  1. karelgott says:

    you never played any RPG? you have not the time to get deep and broad! and man, you did not consider that nearly every IT topic is rapidly moving forvard so you have a lot work with catching up 🙂

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